DIY Fort Kit: Blue Edition

One of the classic activities you do when you are a child is building a fort. Especially if you are a boy. There’s just something about boys and forts. So what better gift for a little boy turning two than his very own fort kit!

Last year, as I was searching out activity ideas for toddlers I came across this genius fort kit idea. I bookmarked it immediately. I knew it would be something I could put together easily and inexpensively for my boys. Then last month when I found out that they had been invited to a friend’s birthday, I knew instantly the perfect gift they could give to their birthday buddy.

Enter the DIY Fort Kit: Blue Edition.

Here’s what I included in the kit:

  • Two twin sheets with ties in their own storage bag
  • Rope
  • Suction Cups
  • Clothespins
  • Flashlight
  • Glowsticks
  • Cookie Monster book (the birthday boy’s party theme was all things ‘Cookie Monster’ – I just had to include it!)

To make the sheets in the kit as versatile as possible, I sewed on ties/loops, as well as casings for the rope, at specific spots around the perimeter of the sheets. Something like this, but with casings too. That way the sheets could be assembled easily in any environment with (or without) the suction cups, rope, or clothespins included.

Here’s all the goods stowed away in its very own storage drawstring bag, I sewed together. No tutorial used here. Just made this one up as I went. Woot!

Then to top it off, I made a fort kit tag listing out the loot within.

There you have it – the perfect boy gift! Hope the birthday boy liked it – Happy Fortin’ Bear!

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One thought on “DIY Fort Kit: Blue Edition

  1. Hello, love your version of the Fort Kit! I’m making one for a birthday gift too and can’t seem to find a customizable tag and sadly I don’t have the technical skills to make one myself, actually it’s the image of the fort I am having trouble with. Could you share that image with me?!

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